Prayer Arrangement

We are fortunate that Griffith University has provided us with prayer rooms at the Nathan, Logan and Mt Gravatt campuses. There are separate areas for brothers and sisters to perform Wudu (ablution) and offer the prayers. You simply punch in the code (C0456X) at the entrance of Nathan prayer room to step inside.

Prayer Room Location

  • Nathan Campus N35
  • Mt Gravatt Campus M14_4.19
  • Logan Campus L05_1.50

Friday prayer is offered weekly at Nathan Campus.

  • Nathan Campus N35
  • Khutba starts at 1:15 pm
  • Prayer starts at 1:35 pm

Ramadan Celebration

We organize free Iftar dinner almost every day of Ramadan for all GUMSA members, their families and friends. It is blessing from Allah that we gather and break our fast together in a festive mood.

  • Venue for everyday Ifter dinner: Postgraduate Common Room of N34 , Nathan Campus
  • Venue for Taraweeh prayer: at Prayer room of N35

Semester End Events

We arrange “welcome party” and “Farewell party” for GUMSA members at the end of each semester. These events encourage the brotherhood and promote the sense of unity among the Muslim students.

Islamic Library

We have a range of captivating Islamic books in the prayer room at the Nathan Campus. It includes the Qur’an and its Tafseer, Hadith and fiqah books. Drop in and browse through these to soothe your heart.

Understanding Islam Competition

We organize Understanding Islam Competition for the Non-Muslim Griffith students. The purpose is to provide the right understanding of Islam and remove any misconceptions about Islam. We strive to provide an interactive platform where both Muslim and Non-Muslim students from different countries can exchange their ideas, views and opinions about Islam. We are trying to contribute in society by promoting peace and harmony through right understanding about each other. GUMSA is encouraging dynamism and multiculturalism among students of different ethnics.

Halal Food in Campus

‘and do not eat of that on which Allah's name has not been mentioned, and that is most surely a transgression’ (Holy Quran,Chapter 6, Verse 121)

You wouldn’t believe it but, yes, there are Halal food places within and around the Nathan Campus! Drop us a message at our Facebook or the website to get more information.